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 Report name

Description of the Tellnet deliverable and the links

Data Management of large-scale LL data (D2.1)

This deliverable provides a technical description for the data management concept for the large-scale lifelong learning data using as a case study the data extracted from the eTwinning platform.

Major trends arising from the network (D3.1)

The first eTwinning analysis from the Social Network Analysis (SNA) point of view:


Trends and challenges for teacher networking (D4.1.2)

This report examines trends and challenges for teacher collaboration networks, in particular in primary and secondary schools. It offers preparatory material for a foresight workshop with experts in the field of education, in social network analysis and foresight methods.

Foresight preparation


Description of two preparation workshops for the foresight exercise


Project Dissemination and Use Plan (D5.1)

The strategy outlining the tools and stakeholders for the Tellnet dissemination and exploitation:

Project Exploitation Plan (D6.1)

The strategy outlining the valorisation and exploitation activities with various stakeholders:

Insight Thematic Dossier on Teacher Networks and Social Network Analysis (D.6.2)

The aim will be to make current literature available regarding teachers’ collaboration networks, and on the other hand, to explain why Social Network Analysis (SNA) can yield new insights into the field:

Teachers’ toolkit: Social & Learning Networks (D.6.3)

The teaching profession in 2025 - five scenarios.
Targeted to teachers to better understand the potential of social networks for lifelong learning purposes, both for themselves and for their pupils. See English version on-line in the link below and choose one of the 24 language versions.

Future of Teacher Networking (D.6.4)

Book: Teacher networks - "Today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities for the teaching profession". 

Teacher workshop Exploitation workshop with European Teachers (D.6.5)  

A series of teacher workshops were offered which are reported in this document.

Research workshop: Exploitation workshop with European Researchers (D.6.6) The project partnership hosted a half-day workshop to the European research networks in one of the major European education and technology conference, namely at the Networked Learning Conference in 2012.

Quality Assurance Plan (D7.1)

The aim of this report is to explain the strategy of the Tellnet project to assure the internal (i.e. sound theoretical approach to study the topic and peer-review method of the deliverables) and external quality of the project activities and results.

Project website


Project presentations; initial presentation and WP specific ones

A number of presentations available on Slideshare about the Tellnet project and various activities:


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