Project over! Project over!

The Tellnet project is now officially over!
The project lasted for three years from 1 December 2009 to 30 November 2012. Tellnet was part of the Key Activity 4 'Dissemination and Exploitation of Results', one of the aims of which being "… to ensure that the results of the LLP are appropriately recognised, demonstrated and implemented on a wide scale." Apart from dissemination through European Schoolnet activities, towards this goal, the project has sought wider audience through academic publishing in conference and journal.

Some of the results:

  • Publication "Teachers networks - Today's and tomorrow's challenges and opportunities for the teaching profession". Download here (in English), a short version in German, French, Spanish and Dutch.
  • Public Final Report, download here.
  • 10 conference and journal papers, one series of symposium papers (3 papers) and additional 2 workshop papers.
  • See the full list here deliverables: see the list here

The Tellnet project studied the eTwinning network (almost 180 000 teachers in Oct 2012) through visualisation techniques, Social Network Analysis (SNA) and prospective scenario building exercises. Using these techniques, the goal was to identify the main structures, actors, networks and Communities of practice that are effective in sharing practices, encouraging innovation and creativity at schools.

Funding Organisation: European Commission
Funding Programme: Lifelong Learning, Key Activity 4
Duration: 01/12/2009 - 30/11/2012
Duration (months): 36
Project coordinator: European Schoolnet


Insight: Observatory for new technologies and education Insight: Observatory for new technologies and education

Insight is designed to support decision makers to develop effective strategies for learning. This dossier addresses the crucial topic of teachers' professional development and how social networks can support it.


News News
The list of peer reviewed Tellnet publications (journals, conferences and workshops)
quality dissemination exploitation
The Tellnet project is now officially over! The project lasted for three years from December 1 2009 to November 30 2012. We are now wrapping things up and submitting our final reports. In the
New type of material for eTwinning teachers’ PD purposes
The Tellnet project has helped create a new type of professional development material for eTwinning teachers. The material comes with easy to use instructions and it can be used by any teachers, for
eTwinners debating about "The Future School - School in 2020"
etwinnng dissemination
120 eTwinners participated in a Learning Event called " The Future School - School in 2020 ". The Learning Event, which is part of eTwinning's offer for tecahers' professional development,
Teacher networks presented for policy-makers in Sweden
The concept of "Teacher networks" was presented in a national event called " Spaning på IT i skolan " for Swedish education policy-makers and shapers in Stockholm on November 21
Session (Tellnet): Social media networks in schools and in teachers' lives
The session in the Media & Learning Conference in Brussels was attended by 30 people. The session shared results from the Tellnet project and gave an update on teachers' practices on the use of
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The book "Teacher Networks" is available for downloads The book "Teacher Networks" is available for downloads

Download the pdf in English, a short version in German, in French, in Spanish and in Dutch.

Video: Tellnet workshop with eTwinners Video: Tellnet workshop with eTwinners